Italy and Cycling

I’m going to need to make a proper pilgrimage there to be able to write about. Places to visit would depend on who may traveling companion(s) know there. That’s part of the experience and you need to be able to have help to connect all the stories. Maybe I’ll write articles based on riding the greatest in Italian based on what’s currently being made. I could see doing something about Bixxis, Sarto, Ciocc, Legend, Officine Mattio, Pegoretii, Officine Battaglin, Barco, Grandis, Stelbel, or any of the many great builders there. Although originally from Australia, I believe Crisp is located there. Maybe i could visit Campagnolo too. This could yield a lot of great writing, but I need to put both time and money to generate net income from all of this.


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