Silly Emails and Ruegamer 550 gram Road Frame 10 Years Ago

I just finished up with the day job for the day and am doing a happy dance about the week being over.

At the end of the day I sent a somewhat silly (though completely appropriate) email to someone at work. I’m now somehow trying to overthink the importance of trying to lighten things up whenever possible. Basically, I just really nailed it this week on one aspect of my job performance and said:

And my billing entries are totally on point this week.  I need to step up my billing entry game so I can be the Shakespeare of billing entries, though hopefully [] one whose immense talent is recognized and remunerated in his lifetime. Well, I suppose I just need to do well enough to keep doing this for the next 20-30 years.

I appreciate that when doing a blog I use block indents versus quotes because I still want to somewhat keep up my writing standards even when away from day job. Also, my day job requires overthinking everything and I don’t want to be quite that way here while still having a desire that whatever I write at least demonstrate some attention to what’s ending up on the screen in terms of my wandering thoughts being my personal work product, though any available protection under that doctrine would be waived by publishing it. Of course, that recognizes the distinction between work product in the context of being protected by copyright law or protected the attorney work product doctrine. I really should know the perfect way to use hyphens in the context of referring to the doctrine in my main world off the top of my head but alas I do not and I’m pretty sure no one actually cares. Even people who care about punctuation that much could potentially reasonably disagree on the correct way(s) of using hyphenation in the earlier sentence.

As related to bikes, I was thinking about my prior post discussing gender pronouns when discussing bike builder and my reference to Bre Rue. That’s actually just her Facebook name; it’s actually Breanna Ruegamer and I believe I previously misspelled her last name. Anyway, the point aside is that it turns out she’d actually made a 550-gram frame 10 years ago, which is crazy light. Turns out that it was just built as a climbing frame and she didn’t think it would do well for general use as a bike. Too light to be good is what a 550-gram frame is. Plus, if those extra grams would make a difference, you’d already be so good that someone was paying you to ride or at least be as good as someone who could have done that but decided it was not a rational profession to pursue and the rationality/passion ratio is almost always an unfavorable indication of the result of the equation that determines what life path to pursue.

Other than going through the items that Word underlines, I don’t do any editing what I post.

I do need to figure out how to justify the margins when posting here. I really have a strong preference there. Do you know what it’s like to work with people who disagree on whether to have justified margins in headers? It’s crazy. And that’s why I need to do bike stuff: to cope with a world where we may disagree about formatting.

BTW, it’s super annoying to not yet have the basic skills with WordPress to properly format this stuff. Having to use centering just to note a block quote is no way to live one’s life.


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