Thinking and Riding

I rode yesterday. I was very slow. It was hot. I smiled a lot and worked on things to write about. Bike subjects included fit, tubeless tires and Favero pedals. On bike fit, the big thought is focusing on comfort and what works best for you for who you are now as a cyclist. I switched stems and the extra 1cm, which put me where I though I’d be totally changed the bike’s handling and not in a good way. It’s important to contemplate all of this when you are publishing about custom bikes, etc. I hope that soon my stable genius will be recognized, celebrated and remunerated. Until then, this will have to be a side hustle.

Unrelated, but I went to junior high and high school with with someone who is now a well-known scientist. It took a long time to accept, but she’s just a lot smarter than I am. The world is a better place for that because her work is helping to save lives.

Related to the above I think being smarter just means you can know and understand more than others, which would lead you to better appreciate all you do not yet know and hopefully want to understand. As related to bikes, this means you need to appreciate you go to custom builders for their knowledge and you need to go with the process to really take advantage of that.


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