True Love Lasts

I’ve had this bike since 2005. For a long time, it was my favorite bike. It’s still a great bike and I’d be fine if I hadn’t gotten another bike since then (don’t let Mrs. Coffee Rider know that). A few others have been even better since then. Still, what I paid for this has been well worth it. I did ship it back to Parlee to have it converted to Di2. I’ve now done a few rides on her with 28mm tubeless and it was great. This Parlee is part of the permanent collection. I probably won’t be getting a Z-Zero since I’m now into even smaller builders and there’s a big price jump from a Crumpton to a custom Z-Zero.

Something to note is that if you’re planning on keeping a bike for a while, you are best off going all in and getting what you really want.

A better photo will follow.


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