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I am contemplating how I can take all the available information and say something new.

I might have to contact Dave Moulton to try and learn some more since I’m certain what he wrote on his blog does not constitute all his memories of David Tesch. Dave Moulton was known for his Fuso bikes, which I would have loved to have had in the old days and I would still jump on the opportunity to get my hands on if someone were selling in my size at a reasonable price. Dave Moulton had a guy named Russ Denny working for him, who ultimately took over and later built under this own name and was known for being a great builder who may still be willing to build you a bike if you track him down, though he is now working in a more lucrative field, which is not exactly hard to do you if build bicycle frames for a living.

The first link below is from Dave Moulton’s blog.

There are lots of important names in American frame building on Dave’s article and not just the name of the guy who wrote it. CyclArt, which is mentioned in the article, is no longer since Jim Cunningham moved to Arkansas to handle the painting at Allied. Since you were contemplating this, Allied bikes do not have a lot of appeal to me, though I’ll reconsider them if they’ll at least lend me one since I’m not interested enough to buy one to review and they are big enough to have demo bikes, unlike most of the builders about which I write. I would say that Allied has some nice paint.


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