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1992 Specialized Epic: My First Really High End Bike

I got this at the tail end of high school in 1992 having paid for it by working on the bike shop, the fabled (and now a Trek store) City Bicycle Works. Working there was a lot of fun and I rode this bike through college. It has seen me in better days. It is […]

My Favorite Bike: Moots RSL Disc

I’ll write about this more, but so far this is my favorite bike of all time. Partly due to the disc brakes and maybe also to the rest of the bike, it feels more stable and like I’m more in control.

Cannondale SuperSix

The story of this bike dates back to the early 1990s when I first became acquainted with Cannondale as a young cyclist. I remember being in awe starting at a bike built with 105 and a 3.0 frameset circa 1990 since that was around the pinnacle of technology and lightweight at the time. In spite […]

The Coffee Rider Collection: Parlee Z1

This is the first installment of the Coffee Rider Collection, which is a series about bikes I own or have owned. The first bike is this series is my Parlee Z1, which I’ve twice toyed with selling when something else was about to come in.  The story of this bike starts in roughly 2003-2004 when […]

First Thoughts on 9200

The Shimano 9200 group was officially unveiled today and yet my life does not feel incomplete without having one or even one on order or even one finally decided for building up a specific frameset. Still, I look forward to having one for one of two possible builds that “accounting issues” seem to indicate should […]

Musings from an Airplane in a Stream-of-Consciousness Format

This blog has been dormant for a while, largely because I started it to write about coffee rides and cycling equipment. I started writing this entry on a delayed cross-country flight returning from a funeral that will leave me arriving home a day late. Also, I apparently lost my headphones, finished the book I’d been […]

Ending the Year with a Clean Chain

I did my first ever Festive 500 this year and finished in 6 days. I did it all on one bike and gave it a good bath today. It’s important to keep your drivetrain clean. It stays quiet, lasts much longer, and looks nice. It’s important to figure out a system that works for you. […]


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