Analysis and Evaluation

Analysis and evaluation may be a way to reconcile two different, yet seemingly reasonable interpretations, both from seemingly-reliable sources. In this regard, I am thinking of Ciocc. Most stories say it was Giovanni Pelizolli’s nickname meaning “poker faced” in the local dialect whereas Velonews reported it as meaning “drunkard” based on a personal interview. If there is no way to otherwise reconcile these meanings, I surmise that the more likely explanation is it means “poker-faced” because the Velonews reporter wrote about having various items stolen, which could reasonably account for a detail being incorrect. It was a big detail, so that would merit further investigation into the issue. More to follow at some future date regarding Giovanni Pelizolli and Ciocc. Perhaps I shall track down and email the Velonews reporter who wrote the article. Far more likely is that I won’t because it doesn’t make any big difference to my gentle readers and it would come across as obnoxious. If I had written in as a gentle reader, I believe the advice would be to do basically what I decided to do, which is not be a jerk or at least a jerk while I realize that’s what I’m being.


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